Ball Stop Netting

Ball Stop Netting

Ball stop netting can be constructed either behind the goal posts or all around your playing area.  This system is designed to keep the ball within your playing area and can be specified to your required height.

Pitch Dividers

For both training and the renting of your facility, you may wish to include a pitch divider system within your specification.  Pitch divider systems normally consist of a 2m high polypropylene net curtain fitting to support cables.  The wires can be hooked up across the pitch to support poles and a winch system is used to pull the net out along the wires.

Advantages of Ball Stop Netting:

  • Protects adjoining properties from damage
  • Prevents balls from being lost
  • Protects passing motorists and pedestrians from injury
  • Avoids loss of time retrieving balls
  • Avoid potential insurance claims
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